Our blog has very unique features and fundamental principles. Writing about celebrities is not one of our preoccupations because we are not news and events bloggers. We do thorough and in-depth research on most of our articles up to the standard of producing a document of reference. But we are obliged to write about this celebrity because of the peculiarity of his nature.

We are seeing what nobody could really figure out about this musician, David Adeleke popularly called Davido. He is unique as a person and musician, although a lot of bloggers and content writers have written so many articles about him. But much has still not been mentioned compared to what we researched about him, and what they had penned down about him.

The Nigerian music industry is filled with great talents and doers; there is so much drive. Most musicians are international exports, but Davido stands out as the industry’s Most Dedicated Musician. He is not just a force to be reckoned with. But he is devoted to his aim of doing great things with music in Nigeria, Africa, and the World at large. After releasing the club-banging song Dami Duro in 2012, he drew the attention of music fans all over the world. Since then, he has never shied away from providing good and entertaining music.

Davido Is Unique As A Musician In Social Status

Davido has around 23.3 million Instagram followers, 10.8 million Twitter followers, and 2.9 million YouTube subscribers. Even though Davido’s success in his career has always been associated with his family’s wealth. Yet he has demonstrated, many times how he walked through every face and challenge in making a name in the industry. In this article, I will be sharing many things you need to know about him, his unique personality, and his success as a musician.

Davido’s Voice

Davido is unique as a musician because he has a unique and special voice that no other musician in Nigeria even in Africa possesses. You can relate other musicians’ voices to one another, because of the similarities in their vocal ranges and textures. But Davido’s voice is incomparable to anyone’s, he is one musician that is gifted with his kind of special voice. Simple research into his voice proves that he has a low fine vocal texture with mid-level male bass and a little insignificant splash of female middle voice. Davido’s voice is hardly audible in normal conversation, but it is extremely loud and powerful when it wafts through the musical air. Davido has a Magnificient Mystery Voice very far and never close to a frog voice.

Davido: Goals and Accomplishments

At the very young age of 17 in 2012, the son of a billionaire, started his music career. David Adeleke, now popularly called Davido, released his first debut album Omo Baba Olowo in July 2012 and has thrived. He is one of the most ecstatic, lively people in the Nigerian music industry. The uniqueness of everyone’s way of seeing life has made the world blend well with a lot of tastes. In Davido’s case, he sees Africa as a place to explore, particularly in terms of music. He has a great perspective on Africa and its value, even though he was born in Atlanta, Georgia.

While he began by experimenting with hip-hop music, influenced by his summers spent in Atlanta, a trip back home to Lagos for Christmas sparked a change in his music. His top goal is to share the African Continent’s diversity with the rest of the world. Davido found purpose in spreading music indicative of his Nigerian roots to the rest of the world after returning home. He has creative vibes and a unique music style that blended culture and ethnicity in unison. Davido has gained more of a fan base in Africa and has ranked high in the music industry by making upbeat Afro-fusion music.

Visions And Awards

Davido truly has a heart for African entertainment and how it is perceived across other Continents in the world. He is building Music schools in some countries in Africa to establish the heart of Afro-beats and African beauty in music. He has started his own record company, Davido Music Worldwide, featuring Nigerian artists such as Dremo and Mayorkun. He aspires to provide the next generation of African artists with the tools they need to become international, ensuring that the Continent produces more well-known talents.

Davido has a great background of wealth which everybody knows. As if he is a music prophet who could see the future. At the early stage of his career, his family did not approve of him choosing music. Davido was locked in prison by his father to stop him from pursuing his goal and passion. Regardless he was determined to walk his path to success and made a name for himself in the entertainment industry. He has earned many accomplishments, including 29 awards from 74 nominations. He has received numerous awards, including a BET Award, a Channel O Music Video Award, two MTV Africa Music Awards, five Headies Awards, and others.

Davido’s influence and impacts extended to others.

Davido is unique as a musician because he is referred to as one of Nigeria’s most humanitarian superstars. He is well-known for holding social media competitions and freebies regularly. Davido is also known for assisting students who cannot pay their school expenses. Aside from his wealth, he is known for his charity, which has impacted the lives of many individuals. This includes singers such as Mayorkun, Peruzzi, Zlatan, and others and his DMW crew’s right-hand men

The musician has given his fans and members of the public different kinds of slang. And sayings throughout the years, but none has lasted more than his slogan, “We Rise by Lifting Others.” He has developed an empire and created a healthy environment. And put some structure in the music industry during his dominant run since his breakout. He has helped to put numerous Nigerian musicians on the international map.

Davido Has Caring Heart

davido is a unique musician because of the heart he has for the lowly people and has helped many get to the top. For instance, Aloma, who owns Aloma music worldwide, used to sell clothes for a living before meeting Davido. Aloma was said to be his unofficial personal assistant. He learned a lot and discovered a new talented Artist, Lil frosh. Aloma also started promoting other artists and supporting Lil frosh, who signed into DWM in 2019 after being discovered.

And has left a legacy that will live on forever; his achievement cannot be overstated. People with talents who are limited by circumstances have grown well with the opportunities opened to them through Davido. Father, who is now a well-known comedian, was made through Davido’s impact and goodwill towards other people.

Davido’s Personality Has Made Him Thrive In Music And Every Area Of His Life.

  1. Jovial: The question here is, does he ever have a down moment? As a human being, he should. Maybe we will ask him when we see him. Davido is a unique musician who has worked on several international projects, which may be attributed to his ability to form and maintain working partnerships. As a result of his humorous character, he has a large fan base in Nigeria and many other nations.
  1. Discipline: A successful result might sometimes emerge without planning, but it takes discipline to repeat success multiple times. Making good music needs a lot of discipline, time, and effort. We have to appreciate his discipline for routinely hitting so many home runs.
  1. Focus: Everyone can understand how much distraction comes with a small amount of fame and how much more celebrity the singer enjoys. Peruzzi previously stated that he was astounded to learn how hard Davido works. And how many hours he spends in the studio as an up-and-coming artist. 
  1. Determination: Life has ups and downs, but resolution is required to pursue and achieve one’s dream. Davido had challenges with his family while starting his music career, but he didn’t give up on his dream. He understood that nothing comes easily and is not relenting on getting to where he aspires.
  1. Loyalty: Davido is a person who takes family close and people to heart. He values people and everyone he comes across within his music career. Most people he started with and met along the way are still in one way or the other acquitted to him.

Davido’s Business Deals

He has harnessed wealth and riches when it comes to inheritance and investment. And has secured endorsement deals with AXE, Travelbeta, and other well-known brands like Pepsi, MTN, etc. Even though he is a son of a multi-billionaire, he has properties in Nigeria and the United States.

Davido is unique as a musician by delivering song after hit with catchy hooks, punchlines, insane beats, and various collaborations that have altered the airwaves. He broke records when he signed his first endorsement deal with MTN, Africa’s largest mobile network ambassador worth N30 million at the age of 19 years. He was named the face of MTN Pulse, a youth-oriented marketing campaign in Nigeria.

Guinness Nigeria signed him on October 24, 2013, and played at the company’s ‘World of More Concert’. Also with other notable Nigerian musicians such as Olamide, Wizkid, Tiwa Savage, D’banj, and others. On May 9, 2018, he announced that he had inked an endorsement contract with Infinix Mobile, a smartphone maker based in Hong Kong.

A smart businessman who could transform coal into diamonds. He can turn anything into a business opportunity, including getting his baby Mama, Chioma deals as a brand ambassador. He took advantage of the rumor spread about him and Wizkid. They played together during Dangote’s wedding and at several local and international performances and events. 

Davido Awards and Recognitions

Kora Awards, Best Newcomer Award, 2012. BET Awards, 2014, Best International Act: Africa. Dynamix All Youth, 2011: Promising Youth Artist. African Muzik Magazine Awards, 2014, Best Male West African. African Muzik Magazine Awards, Artists of the Year, 2014. MTV Africa Music Awards, 2014, Best Male Artiste of the Year. Ghana Music Awards, African Artiste of the Year, 2014. 2014 City People Entertainments Awards Male Musician of the Year.

The Headies’ 2018 Artist of the Year. The Headies named him Artist of the Year in 2014. The Headies, 2013’s Hip Hop World Revelation. The Headies, Next Rated, 2012. 2014 Nigeria Entertainment Awards Male Artist of the Year. Nigeria Entertainment Awards, Best Pop/R&B Artists of the Year, 2013. Nigeria Entertainment Awards, Best New Act of the Year, 2012.


Davido is unique as a musician because his personality and talents have helped him to succeed more often than his wealth and background. He knows how to crack hard nutshells and bring out the best in everything, including people around him. Finally, a person who has gained balance in getting the good juice in a lot of everything he does. Although, he has his shortfalls too which most can be related to his age. Because he actually started at a very younger age. But over the years he has transformed into an intelligent philanthropic young man.



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Edited by, Prince Modupe Kashaam

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