The oath of secrecy is yet to be inculcated and truly recognized as part of our daily activities. This is why many people have not been able to interpret the true meaning of the oath of secrecy deeply. I think the meaning is beyond swearing with a bible or Quran because keeping a secret is sacred and spiritual. Secrets are a common occurrence in human life.

Almost everyone has secrets they like to hide (though, of course, not all secrets are of the deep, dark variety). The Oath of Secrecy is a moral commitment to assist people in maintaining the privacy that is entrusted to them. An oath of secrecy might be taken when a secret is shared between two persons or an organization. This article, oath of secrecy: why people breach for love of money, will be explained in detail below.

Oath Of Secrecy: Why People Breach For Love Of Money

However, to divulge or expose a secret kept to you directly or indirectly is both betraying and blackmailing the trust. This trust is bestowed on you as a legacy that will live with you, if not destroyed. You are enjoined to control and guide it because it is both your responsibility and liability. Individuals are then responsible for maintaining confidentiality.

Secrets are preserved or divulged for several reasons, including negligence, genuine malice, self-serving manipulation, and selfless protection of others. The inclination for secrets not to be revealed could be due to various factors such as threat, friendship, or honor. This article, oath of secrecy: why people breach for love of money is explained further below.

What Is An Oath Of Secrecy?

In the formal setting, an oath of secrecy is a promise that customarily invokes God or something sacred to the oath-taker. This is also to witness the oath taker’s honest intention to keep the pledge. However, the Oath was supposed to bind the oath-taker to man’s rules and greater moral authority in the past. Oath takers can use the word “affirm” instead of “swear,” and they can leave out the comment “God.”

An oath is a ceremonial act that marks the official start of a person’s term in office. It is also a way for officials to publicly commit to the duties, responsibilities, and obligations of holding public office. The amount to which an official can keep that promise will significantly impact the efficacy of their service. Employees in the civil service take an oath of allegiance before starting work, including secrecy.

The ability to preserve any secrets given by friends, family, clients, acquaintances, and partners is called an oath of secrecy. The trust and confidentiality that comes with keeping secrets to protect one’s identity, and honor is an oath of secrecy. Sometimes this might also avoid other negative consequences if the secrets are revealed. Oath of secrecy: why people breach for love of money is still very difficult to understand the deeper meaning.

How An Oath Of Secrecy Is Taken

Swearing or Pledge:

In a formal organization like the government offices, courts, banks, and insurance offices. This pledge is taken by agreeing to abide by every rule and obligation set by the oath giver to the Oath taken—most times, the oath giver structures the Oath in favor of the system’s growth and development.

Bond and Relationship:

People are brought together by circumstances such as blood, environment, employment, education, resources, or love—the shared ground between people that allows one person to reveal a secret to the other. As a result, the pledge of secrecy is established by a relationship that demands respect, trust, and privacy from each member. Keeping the secret hidden becomes an obligation to protect the other person’s integrity and honor.

Acceptance by Conduct:

This is done indirectly through association or cohabitation. For instance, customer relationships oblige you to keep an oath of secrecy about any secret you obtain. As a neighbor, you are to maintain a certain level of secret guide about your neighbors. For example, if a neighbor’s secret is either directly or indirectly divulged through me the oath of secrecy is breached. Also, a smartphone engineer is obliged to keep the confidentiality of information seen on the client’s phone.

Application And Breaching Of Oath Of Secrecy

1. Formal structures:

The organizational structure of public services always wants its employees to take an oath to abide by the system’s rules. This Oath of secrecy aids administrators in carrying out government plans and judgments. This is done by allowing them to draw on a wealth of expertise gained through time. Medical professionals are obligated to protect the confidentiality of their patients.

The duty to ensure discretion and privacy in the medical profession is morally justified on the rights arising from relationships. Health information is based on subjective judgments about the patient, lifestyle, habits, leisure activities, objective observations, diagnoses, and test findings.

Doctors could harm patients’ reputations, prospects, financial obligations, and even personal humiliation if such susceptible material is improperly disclosed. Organizations such as banks, lending institutions, schools, and many more created this pledge to keep people patronizing. And also to enjoy their services at their best to be treated better. Any breach can result in an explosion, humiliation, property confiscation, sack, or prosecution. This depends on the demand placed on the Oath if things don’t go according to plan.

2. Informal structures:

Relationships are the most important social support systems in life. The trust you have in your closest friends and family determines your ability to build close relationships with others. Friends maintain secrets between themselves in the hopes that the secret will not be revealed to others. And they bind the secrets with anything to ensure their safety.

Secrets are kept most of the time due to a high level of trust and discipline. The Oath of secrecy is made through the bond and relationship. it compels everyone involved to abide by each other in any situation. When there is a break in the relationship, the couple gets divorced. Then anyone can easily breach the Oath of secrecy between them. Although there is no swearing, pledge, or physical Oath in this informal structure.

Why Oath Of Secrecy Is Breached


Letting a secret escape is frequently the result of forgetfulness or neglect. Some people may not realize the profound implications of not keeping someone’s secret to themselves. Some blabbermouths cannot be the epitome of discretion; they lack filters and are unconcerned about breaching others’ trust. Some people rationalize revealing others’ secrets by convincing themselves that they know about it because it is general knowledge.

Others may adopt a generous—or self-righteous—attitude and divulge a secret. Believing that doing so will benefit those concerned more than retaining the secret. Some people expose secrets because the mental anguish of holding the secret is too much to handle. The bigger the secret, the more difficult it is to keep.


 As we all know, the love for money is the source of all evil. Money has a lot of power over individuals, causing them to ignore and disregard anything they attempt to obtain. People break and choose money for various reasons, one of which is to meet immediate necessities. The majority of people would rather keep their money than keep their pledges.

It is quickly sold out once you can meet the current need with money. Bribes are used to break the Oath of confidentiality in both government and non-government organizations. Embezzlement of funds and revenue is a violation in any system when it violates the Oath of secrecy regulations. Friends can disclose information for money’s sake, like their home addresses to kidnappers, nudity, and other secrets kept with them.

Conflict of Interests:

When we are presented with a moral choice between two obligations, we are in a conflict of interests. It occurs when someone makes a decision that does not align with the oath giver or taker. When two people no longer have a common platform to stand on, keeping the Oath of secrecy is risky. A broken relationship and marriage is an example of a conflict of interest. Anyone can easily breach the Oath of secrecy in a situation where the bond is broken. A governmental environment conflicts among public officials, public obligations, and private interests.

Principles Guiding Oath of Secrecy


Individuals or groups take an oath of secrecy to ensure accountability and reliance. The person who takes the Oath is obligated to do everything stated, even if it is inconvenient. Before being hired, civil servants and marital couples who took the Oath for better or worse are required to execute their jobs.


It is critical to maintaining confidentiality to protect the job or responsibilities assigned. The Oath of secrecy assures employees, partners, friends, and patients that they will never share their personally identifiable information.


This is implemented at different levels throughout the agency. In Public services, Security personnel is hired to protect employees’ health and safety and departmental assets and information. An oath shared between people or organizations protects one’s honor, dignity, and privacy from being exposed to the world.


This is the ability to stick to the rules in the Oath. Higher education institutions need you to swear an oath of high moral character. And follow the rules until the end of the term. Every student is expected to keep up with it upon their graduation.

How To Keep The Oath Of Secrecy


 Keeping secrets can be an effective way of practicing self-control. At times, the temptation could be too strong, but the ability to hold back and not spill the secret is self-control. Having considered the dimensions and possibilities and the integrity of that very tale you are about to tell.


This is the ability not to be moved by any enticement like money or self-interest. The Oath of secrecy would be vital once the individual is disciplined enough to keep the secret they know.

Honor and Respect: 

Honor and respect are not just for the sake of the secret or oath giver. But also for the one who is obligated to keep the secret. You have to respect yourself well enough to be someone one can trust, confide and keep a secret. 


Sharing your secrets with others and protecting others’ secrets are necessary for forming and maintaining human bonds. It is shocking how damaging it can be to reveal secrets to bad people, in the wrong way and moment. Seek the advice of a relationship counselor if necessary. Oath of secrecy: why people breach for love of money is very important to understand. Because we apply it in all our day-to-day activities and engagements.

Breaching the oath of secrecy will continue to happen, so far we keep having a relationship with ourselves. Finally, human beings have a million ways to inter-relate with themselves. Also, there must be a million ways to breach the oath of secrecy. But do not forget that any secret kept with you, is more valuable than gold and diamond.


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Prince Modupe Kashaam

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