Dressing well is splendor and fashionable while the origin is traced back to about 100,000 to 500,000 years ago by the earliest man. People dress for many reasons, primarily for protection and decoration. These clothes were made of animal skin, fur, leaves, and bones and the primary aim of wearing clothes at that time were to cover the nakedness of man. Since then man started advancing on how clothes are made and even moved from the primary aim of covering the nakedness of man to beautifying the body by looking elegant.

However, with deep insight into some modes and forms of dressing in the modern-day world, the definition of dressing will give us the perfect meaning and importance of dressing. The dressing is an act or process of wearing clothes or ornament to cover the body for both protection and fashion purposes. Examples of dresses in the modern-day’s world include wearing shirts, trousers, blouses, skirts, shoes, sanders, jewelry, pants, scarves, and caps.


Different Forms And Modes Of Dressing

The simplest mode of dressing is by having a good haircut and hairdressing style which can be chosen from various patterns and styles available. However, any style or pattern that one chooses will give you a new look or sometimes a different identity. Most time haircuts and hairdressing styles give the wearer a new and good look. The explanation below will shed more light on haircutting and hairdressing.


Haircutting is the act of cutting, styling, dressing, and grooming the hair. Men, boys, and ladies cut their hair and shave their beards. Barbing has been dated back to about 4000 years ago when the earliest man used clamshells or blades made of flint to cut hair and shave beards. Presently haircutting has advanced and we now have different styles of barbing such as low cut, skin cut, dreadlocks, etc. Also, most men and women dye their hair to look young and good even the old people are not left out. This has also added to the mode of dressing and has changed people’s orientation about dressing in this modern-day.


Hairdressing is the practice of cutting, dressing, and arranging hair which has been practiced by people from ancient to the present day. Over the years hairdressing style has already become a system of dressing that includes styling and dyeing hair. The use of a wig is also part of dressing among women. A wig is an artificial hair that women used in the ancient days to protect their scalps from the scourging sun. Modern wigs have become part of women’s fashion collections which includes the use of human hairs that cost a fortune to acquire and consider a huge investment.

Wearing Good Clothes And Underwears

Wearing good clothes is essential and the primary aim of wearing clothes is to cover nakedness. Presently, clothes are worn for various reasons apart from just covering nudity. For example the type of clothes worn fall within the following category below:

Business Dress

There are some dresses that you only wear to business organizations because those places follow a dress code. Today’s workplace has a wide variety of professional clothes. Wearing stuff you’d anticipate seeing in an office is traditional business clothing or business professionalism. For women, office clothing consists of skirt suits or pantsuits, blouses or shirts, stockings, and heeled, toe-closed shoes. For men, that would be a suit or sport coat, along with a dapper dress shirt, pants, ties, and leather shoes.

Native Dress

This is known as the traditional attire and it is worn on occasions such as weddings, housewarming parties, and naming ceremonies but nowadays natives dresses are worn to offices and places of business. Women’s choice of dressing is more sensitive and most time attracts lustfulness to the opposite sex, this is why In some countries, women are expected to be modest in their dressing, by covering their bodies more reasonably.

While in other cultures, there are no rules in their societies, the ability to survive is the main rule, and minimum dressing style is emphasized for both men and women. The traditional dressing is usually graceful and says a lot about the history and cultures of the people in that community. Most traditional attires are graceful to the cultures of the wearers. Most societies in the world want to maintain their cultures through dressing and good appearance.

Casual Dress

The term “casual wear” refers to a loose, irregular, spontaneous, and appropriate for daily use dress code. In the West, casual clothing gained popularity, when highlighting the comfort of casual attire, it may be called leisurewear. This is also known as mufti, which is known as the clothes we wear at our houses. Also, these kinds of clothes are worn around except for an occasion or ceremonies. Apart from wearing clothes, there is also underwear that both men and women wear. For example, underwear worn by men is boxers, singlets, brief pants, and tee shirts while underwear worn by women is braziers, bomb shots, bikinis, panties, and thongs.


Underwear serves two purposes: to protect expensive outer garments from the dirt of the body beneath, and to give fashion and styles to inner appearance, mostly it is an expensive and enticing luxury to the mode of dressing. It not only increases beauty and fitness but also has hygiene importance. Not changing your underwear regularly causes microbes and other bacteria to accumulate and fester, often causing a really bad odor and an itchy rash on the skin. To maintain hygiene and cleanliness, fresh underwear is a non-negotiable essential.

Wearing Good Shoes

Shoes are accessories that are worn on the feet for fitness and protection of the feet from dirt and piecing. There are different types of shoes and footwear which are slippers, sandals, and sneakers. Both Men and Women have different kinds of footwear. Examples of men’s shoes are sneakers, loafers, monk shoes, brogues, and trainers and women’s shoes are high-heeled shoes, ballet flats, loafers, and sandals. Wearing shoes is not only a form of dressing but also worn for other purposes. Also, different activities and professions have the kind of shoe that is recommended.

Personal Grooming

Personal Grooming is the act of taking care of oneself by staying neat and clean. Someone once said looking good is a good man’s business. This is why you should take personal grooming very seriously: brush your teeth regularly, iron your clothes, wear a clean dress, and take your bath every day. For men make sure you cut your hair and shave your beard to avoid looking unkempt. For the ladies, it takes more than what we mentioned above about men, plaits your hair, bathes regularly, shaves both armpit and pubic hair often, manicure and pedicure should be done occasionally, and finally be hygienic with the monthly flow by keeping oneself clean during these periods.

Body Adornments

Body adornments or ornaments entail adorning the body with particular accessories such as jewelry, headpieces, body paint, tattoos, body piercings, branding, scarification, or cicatrization which includes the piercing of the nose, navel, lips, and ears. These also include wearing accessories like gold, silver, diamond, etc., in form of necklaces, wristwatches, and wristbands. Even, some go as far as wearing gold or silver in their teeth for fashion purposes or religious identification.

Body adornment also consists of the darkening of the eyelids for beauty and the henna design of hands and fingernails. And the painting of the body for battle recognition which used by some American and African tribes during the war. One of the most admired modern types of body art is mehndi, or henna body decoration and art. The ancient Indian craft of henna designs known as mehndi is currently a well-liked accessory in the fashion industry.

European And American Mode Of Dressing

European Dressing

Cultural differences greatly influence how people dress, this depends on their upbringing, socioeconomic, or environment, although, there is one important distinction in the way European dressing. Europeans frequently dress to impress and are hardly ever seen wearing comfortable clothing. They make it a point to put together a well-tailored ensemble by adding fine accessories like a silk scarf, jewelry, or even neckties, even when they are dressing for comfort.

American Fashion

Socially and culturally, it has grown increasingly acceptable for people because American fashion is typically more relaxed. People wearing sportswear in public has become more socially and culturally acceptable in recent years. This includes sweatshirts, hoodies, yoga trousers, jogging shoes, sandals, etc. Unless you’re out for a run, on your way to the gym to work out, or have just finished working out, this would never be appropriate in the majority of European nations. American fashion is much more straightforward and understated. American males typically don’t wear a lot of jewelry or accessories except the gangster and celebrities who wear jewelry extravagantly to show their wealth and affluence.

Modern-Day African Dressing And Styles

African clothing style has been dated to about 100 years ago and the style depicts symbolism, tribalism, and history. Africans have different cultures and traditions, also each African style depicts the tradition and culture of a region and tribe. The African style has not improved but has been significantly modernized, such that many countries are now getting fashion inspiration from African styles. African system of dressing is cutting across various ethnicities such as Nigerian, Ghanaian, Senegalese, Kenyans and Rwandan e.t.c. These are popular African styles:


The dashiki can trace its roots back to the Yoruba language and culture. This African style has been remodeled from what it originally looked like, because of modernization and enlightenment. It is also a unique garment that covers the upper part of the body. The word dashiki comes from the Yoruba culture “dashiki” meaning a short-sleeved work shirt typically worn by men in West Africa.

Buba And Sokoto/Iro

This type of attire is generally worn with matching pants and long robes that cover the outfits. A top or blouse is called a Buba or boubou. The upper clothing is referred to as “Buba” in Yoruba. The Buba is worn by ladies with the Iro (wrapper) and Gele (head tie). It is also worn by guys with fila (cap) and Sokoto (trousers). This is the traditional attire of the Yoruba people of South Western Nigeria popularly called the assembled Buba-iro and gele for female, while Buba-Sokoto and fila for male. All in assemble for outfit during a special occasion.


Agbada is one of the names for a loose, wide-sleeved robe similar to the dashiki suit that is worn by men across much of West Africa and, to a lesser extent, in North Africa. The ancient Babban Riga of the Hausa People is now known by a variety of names in different ethnic groups and languages, including agbada in Yoruba, grand boubou in several French-speaking West African countries, and gown in English. The Senegalese kaftan is another name for the Senegalese boubou, a variant of the big boubou detailed below.


This is a type of clothes that is made from types of silk and cotton. The fabric is made of interwoven clothes strips that originate from Ghana. Kente has a deeper meaning for the one who is wearing or showing it. Each design, hue, and shape on the fabric has a distinct significance that when combined to form an arrangement, represents a single story. Because of this, each Kente design has a certain symbolic meaning. There are uncountable different Kente patterns, and each one must first be given to the kings before being made available to the public.

Complete Yoruba Outfit

This is an African style that is a four-piece outfit that consists of a hat, a Buba, embroidered pants, and flowing agbada. They also have aso oke and adire. Modern-day African style can be worn on occasions, special functions, and even on ordinary days. This African style has African wax print and Ankara print. Some of these African outfits are jumper suits, trousers, skirts, and playsuits. This is why modern African outfits come in various styles, designs, and colors. Another thing is that there are African styles made for couples. For example, Kente, Dashiki, Ankara, Kitenge, and kanga. This style is one of the ways to announce and promote the love union between the couples.

Ankara (African Print)

The Ankara fabric is known for its colorful African prints and is deeply associated with African clothing. Ankara is made up of clothes and fabrics. It has a range of African prints in animal patterns or floral patterns where each person can choose their personal preference. Ankara now has beautiful tops and pants for both ladies and men to flatter their bodies. There are also places where only Ankara is being sold and are most suitable for couples or those that want to attend events, dates, and occasions. Ankara has not only moved to luxury design but is also used to make bags, shoes, and hats. African prints do not change compared to other printed textiles that fade quickly.

Other African Style Of Dressing

African styles of dress for couples are no longer restricted to Kitenge and Ankara. We have others for couples such as hoodies, coats, pants, and sleeve tops which are tailored and custom to make unique African style. They are also traditional dresses for kids such as french lace apparel. The traditional dress for girls is from premium brands like hand-woven silk or hand-painted satin. And Dashikis are traditional outfits for boys too.

Dressing And Colours Significance

Apart from styles, patterns, and designs are other things you need to know about African styles’ colors and their meanings.


Red is the color that draws the most attention and is linked to powerful feelings like love, passion, and rage. The color universally represents strength, power, bravery, and danger. It is sexuality and heightened appetites, red is vivacious, energizing, and exhilarating. Red also represents tension and signifies blood.


Gold is popular style color that represents wealth and fertility. The color Gold is named for the corresponding valuable metal and conjures up images of wealth, luxury, success, accomplishment, triumph, and royalty. The significance of the color gold is complex; in many religious contexts, it is associated with divinity and power also charity and compassion.


Blue represents peace and love and it is also harmonious color. The blue is linked to open spaces, freedom, intuition, creativity, and sensitivity. It is a representation of both the sky and the sea. It is also related to profundity, loyalty, honesty, wisdom, assurance, stability, faith, and intelligence.


White symbolizes purity and spirituality because it is devoid of all other colors. White is impervious and it represents everything good and decent. White is a color associated with knowledge and understanding because it represents assurance, illumination, and insight.


Green is a medicinal color that represents prosperity and life. Green symbolizes harmony, the natural world, spring, and rebirth. It stands for growth, renewal, wealth, and prosperity. The color green is related to ecology and progress. Green also stands for respect and eternal life.


The meanings of the color black include mystery, strength, elegance, and refinement. Also, the meaning of a hue or black can arouse negative feelings like grief and rage. The dark color also represents sophistication. The significance of black can also represent sadness and it is also the color used for the mourning of loved ones.

This is why dressing means a lot more than just style. The modern-day dress has affected both the male and female gender. For example in the past males wear pants and a shirt but today females wear male dresses not only that they also wear some men’s accessories which have now affected modern days dressing. Another thing that has affected modern days dressing is religion for example even when some countries have experienced a new civilization. The women wear the hijab while they wear kaftans also culture has changed the modern-day dressing.

Reasons For Dressing Well

There are several reasons why one should dress well, especially when you are meeting someone or going to a place for the first time, even for an important occasion. These reasons are as follows:

It Makes A Good Impression

One thing about dressing well is that it makes a good impression on you. You have once heard that you will be treated the way you dress. Imagine going for an interview presentation for the first time and your dress anyhow for the interview. What impression will you leave on the official that wants to employ you? First impressions matter a lot because it determines how people will perceive you. People will always judge you by your look just know that.

It Gives You Confidence

Another reason why dressing well is important is that it gives you self-confidence. Most especially when you are going to a place for the first time. You will not only be confident in yourself but also in your ability to deliver.

It Makes You More Responsible

If you want people to treat you well and respect you, dress well. Dressing well gives you a sense of responsibility because you will also be responsible for what is expected of you. If you dress indecently it makes you feel irresponsible and this can be avoided by dressing well.

The Dressing Makes You More Useful At Work

When you dress well for your workplace you don’t only leave a strong impression on your employer, but you also leave a good impression on your colleagues in the workplace. This makes you work effectively which makes you more productive in the workplace.

It Helps You To Express Yourself 

If you dress well people will want to listen to you. One of the ways to get people to listen to you especially when you are speaking at any event is by paying more attention to your dress. No one will not want to listen to someone who dresses well, so your first impression matters a lot.

It Helps You Gain Attention

One of the ways to gain attention for the first time most especially when you are going for an interview or an event is by dressing well. When you pay more attention to your dressing by dressing well you will stand out among others who don’t put much attention to their dressing.

It Increases Your Self Worth 

If you want people to invest in you then you should be ready to invest in yourself most especially in your dressing. No one will want to do business with someone who looks and dresses like a crazy person. People will judge you by your look, so dress well so that you will be judged positively.

Dressing Well Is A Form Of Self Care

One thing about dressing well is that it makes you feel good about yourself. It makes you to even appreciate yourself for who you are. Changing your wardrobe and keeping it updated about your styles and personality help you to take care of yourself.

Dressing Well Inspires Others

One of the reasons you should dress well is that it inspires others to be like you. When you dress like someone successful, people will see you as a successful person and they will be inspired to be successful. So dress well you will not know who is looking up to you, so therefore dressing well is good business.

Dressing Attracts Like-Minded People

When you dress well you attract the kind of person like yourself. If you dress like a rich person even when you are not, you will attract the kind of people with that frequency but if you don’t dress well you will attract people who will not care about you.


Finally, the way you dress is the way you will be addressed. That is why it must not be all about buying clothes. You must know which clothes, designs, sizes, and patterns of clothes go with your body size. People’s perceptions of what you say will vary depending on what you wear and how you present yourself. If you’re different from them or similar to them, it will subtly convey that to them. Whether people pay attention or ignore you, will be decided by your dressing sense. Identity is altered by how one dresses or kits up themselves. Lastly, your words now hold less significance as a result of your dressing to the onlookers and listeners.


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