Looking good and having nice and clearer skin are usually women’s things in the late 90s. Women love checking out themselves in the mirror several times before deciding to step out of their comfort zones. They do everything possible to enhance their beauty and improve their self-esteem. Whilst average men who spent much time in grooming were frowned upon. Skincare for men was not really appreciated then because of the notion that men do not have time for such frivolity.



Skincare for men was perceived as self-obsessed and aroused a certain wariness for being a little effeminate. Some circles considered men who sought to be impeccably groomed as narcissistic, decadent, and as pompous as a peacock. This has led to significantly lower availability and display of products for men, along with a lack of awareness of its usage. Skincare for men is still an underrated topic so to say.

Skincare Industries

Needless to say, much has changed today,  Skincare industries have expanded, and men are now actively involved in various activities in the industry… skincare for men routine is now considered a  desirable trait, hygiene, and a necessity. Men are often featured and are used as influencers on social media, magazines cover as models for skincare products. Skincare for men is among styles that are in vogue among men in this new generation.

Skincare Routine

Skincare for men routine is basically the steps involved in taking care of the skin the first step includes cleansing, and toning in other to balance the skin then, and the last one is usually Moisturizing. The skin needs to be well hydrated and protected from the sun using the various available Sunscreens. In some cases, it goes beyond the steps mentioned above. Skincare for men has many stages and it depends on the area you want to concentrate on.

Ageless And Baldness

Men are now open to skincare products in order to look younger and fitter. Even, men do not accept the old belief of baldness as natural or normal, because a lot is being done to change it, like fixing artificial hair or using hair products that will make the hair grow. Some men may not want to spend a lot on the products, but they are willing to move beyond, what they can find in the store, in order to look young and ageless.


Also, Men that are more exposed and knowledgeable are said to be more consistent with their routines despite the daily hustling and bustling. A lot of guys think skincare is only necessary when they have specific issues like acne, redness, wrinkles, or other typical skincare concerns. While certain men’s skincare products can help with isolated issues.

Men Skincare Products

There are a plethora of products available out there for healthier and clearer skin for men, ranging from expensive to most affordable, one of which includes the popular brand ‘Nivea, Sesderma, Filorga  Essentials, MKmen, among others. Skincare is necessary for men because  It goes a long way in their social interaction and acceptability in our new society, women are now naturally attracted to men that maintain a level of hygiene, it is no joke that some see it as a criterion for choosing a life partner.


Also, it makes you look healthy and feel great (of course it helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles). It also builds confidence, radiance, and Improves their self-esteem, (more like when you walk into a place and all eyes are on you because you are glowing and looking ageless). Regular steam bathing and sauna are not meant for women only. Men too use steam baths and sauna these days more than women boost their skin.


In conclusion, looking good and having healthy skin is important for men, taking time to look after yourself is important, building self-respect and confidence will reflect on your social life and will be of benefit to your mental health. Take the complexity out of skincare and follow a simple guide to achieve your desired look and you are never too young or too old to start a skincare routine.

Written by: Adams Aminat Adewale

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