Blogging is an amazing way to get your internet business started, and how to make money by blogging is simple. The startup costs are low, and the potential profits are substantial. Are you wondering how to start a blog and make money from it? It is simple to get started even if you have no budget. Simply go to and create a blog of your choice.

Alternatively, if you prefer a more feature-rich platform, you might consider purchasing your own domain and web hosting like Bluehost so that you may make use of software such as WordPress. Many people start off with Blogger and then upgrade to WordPress as their confidence grows.


Start Blog Website

Before we get into the specifics of how you can monetize your blogging website, let’s take a look at what your blog is and where you’re running it from. In contrast to uploading your own blogging software from, if your blog is a Blogger or WordPress blog hosted by either of these two, your options are severely limited when it comes to blogging software. If you are serious about blogging for money, you should consider doing so from your own personal blogging website.

If you do not currently have a web host and are looking for one with which to run your blog, make sure that the host you choose supports MySQL, which will be required to run WordPress from your website. WordPress is recommended since it is the greatest blogging software available online if you have your own website, which is why it is free. For those who don’t, Blogger is a popular alternative. Some individuals still use WordPress via the website.

Choose Keyword And Topic

Choose a topic that you are truly interested in and that receives a lot of keyword traffic (these are the words people use to search for things in search engines). You may use free keyword tools such as the Google keyword planner, Ahrefs free keyword tool, H-Supertools, amongst others, or premium tools like Semrush, and Ubersuggest, which are extremely simple to use. 

You may also check the popularity of your keyword (or tag) to see how widely used it is. Overall, the most popular keywords with high monthly search volume and low competition are the most profitable ones to rank for. More importantly, always post something new every day, and once the post is complete, notify the rest of the world.

However, notify the rest of the world that you have updated your blog through social media shares, forums, or email marketing. You can also accomplish this through the use of a ping. WordPress and other blogging platforms take care of this for you. If you are using Blogger, you will need to use a service such as Pingomatic to handle this for you.

Increase Your Traffic

As the number of postings on your site grows, search engines will be more likely to visit on a frequent basis in order to pick up new content. Your number of visits will begin to increase. In order to achieve your goal, you must attract as many people as possible to your blog. The greater the number of visitors to your blog, the more money you will earn.

Do you aspire to make over $100 daily from blogging? Make no mistake about it, the opportunity is massive. The most successful blogs generate in excess of $10,000 a month. But be warned, there are no shortcuts in this process. With a lot of effort, original, fresh content, and a dash of imagination, you, too, may be able to achieve this kind of revenue.


I will list some methods of generating income from your blog as follows:

Revenue for paid Advertisements 

One of the most popular techniques for earning money from blogs is through the placement of advertisements. Google Adsense is an excellent example of this. To begin with, create an account with Google Adsense. Fill in the blanks with your information and follow the on-screen instructions. You will be allowed to place advertisements on your blog, and you will be compensated every time someone clicks on one of the advertisements. They are not required to purchase anything; all they must do is click on the advertisement.

You should post your Adsense blocks somewhere on your sidebar as well as towards the bottom of your blog so that when readers finish reading your blog, they have something to click on to continue reading. The fact that your reader has read all the way to the conclusion of your post or page indicates that they are interested in what you are writing; otherwise, they would have left and gone to another website. The users who read your post or visit your website can click on an advertisement that interests them on your blog.

Google Algorithm

It is the Google contextual algorithm, also known as the LSI algorithm, that determines the theme of your material based on the vocabulary that you use in it. That theme then becomes the theme of your advertisements. Other forms of advertising operate in a similar manner. Blog advertisements aren’t the only way to get money for advertising; you can also monetize your blog through other CPA-paid advertising platforms. In exchange for a fee, you can also charge people to allow them to post their ads directly to your blog. It is possible to sell these advertising spaces on eBay, through a third-party service such as TextLinkBrokers, or directly from your website.

Affiliate Programs 

This can be used on blogs in the same way it can be used on websites. Companies that sell products that are linked to your website can become affiliates. You can also provide affiliate links on your blog, which are links to things that are sold by others, in exchange for which you receive a percentage of the sale price for each sale (frequently 50 percent). Many affiliate products are available to sell on, and you can also find affiliate products to sell by just typing the term into your favorite search engine. When visitors to your blog click on a link to a product page on Amazon, you make a profit.

This is another free method of earning money online through blogs that you may use to supplement your income. If you are enthusiastic about a product and write about it, this strategy can be quite effective. Depending on your preference, these links can take the form of banner advertisements, text links, or clickable logos, and they can be placed anywhere on your blog.

Affiliate Programs Best For Personal Website

In most situations, this applies to blogs that are hosted on your own website, where you have complete control over the HTML of the various components of your blog, including the stylesheet that governs each complete page, the headers, footers, sidebars, and everything else that makes up your blog. You do not have this level of control over a blog that is hosted elsewhere. A blog hosting service like Bloggit or isn’t good enough if you want to make real money from your blog. Instead, you should have your blog on your own website.

If you have a website, write a blog post or review about it and include a link to the product and all that the consumer needs to do is visit your website and place an order. Once you’ve figured out how to make money from your blog, the next step is to get others interested in it. Another important factor in almost everything that happens on the internet is getting people to visit your website. There is no doubt that making money on the internet is a game of percentages, whether you are using an advertising service or selling a product.

Keep Driving Visitors To Your Website

Ideally, you want to bring in as many visitors as possible to your website. The greater the overall number of visitors to your site, the more profitable your website will be. So, how can you get people to come to your website? The idea is to break down a phrase into its constituent words. You should have content on your blogging website that will drive as much traffic from search engines as possible to your site in order for it to be successful.

There are a variety of methods for accomplishing this, including software tools designed to locate the best keywords, websites that provide a similar service, and simply coming up with terms on your own and crossing your fingers (which is not recommended). Whatever method you choose, keep in mind that you will not be able to make blogging into a profitable job unless you can attract visitors to your website.


Blogging can undoubtedly be entertaining, there are hundreds of people out there who have turned their passion for blogging into a lucrative business. It is a fantastic opportunity to earn money from the comfort of your own home while doing what you want when you want. However, there are a few things you should think about before embarking on a blogging career of your own. 

I hope this short guide will be useful to you on your journey to a profitable investment. Don’t trust all of the hype you’ve been hearing about making money online; there are no shortcuts in this process. You won’t become rich overnight, but if you put in a little work and write good content, you might be able to make a lot of extra money from your blog.

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