Tourism is a journey from where you live permanently to another town, city, or country for the purpose of pleasure, business, or sightseeing for a certain period of time. Many countries have turned tourism into big business whereby they invest a lot of money in order to attract more tourists from all over the world.

Every tourist has a main reason for traveling and the schedule of the journey is based on individual itinerants and budgets. In the article, tourism: how to prepare for your journey abroad. Our major concern here is how to prepare for the journey and the purpose of making the journey enthusiastic.


To embark on your certain precautions need to be taken in order to have a successful trip abroad. These are some of the basic requirements that will make the journey less stressful and enthusiastic.


It is very important before traveling abroad either for vacation or to work. There are certain things you need to know so that you can be guided before traveling. Some of the things are what we already know but hardly pay attention to them. As we mentioned above the journey has to be successful and interesting starting from the moment you leave your country or house, till you reach the place of your destination. The article, tourism: how to prepare for your journey abroad explains further. The following points enumerated below are the reasons, you need to consider before preparing for the journey.


Before traveling abroad you must know about the country you are traveling to. This is one of the mistakes most travelers usually make. It is very wrong to travel to a country you don’t know anything about. If you are traveling to a country for the first time, try to know everything about the country and the current situation of the place.

I will recommend some apps such as world geography, travel zoo, and other apps. With these apps, you will be able to understand the language, culture, tradition, and religion of that country. The good thing is that this app can be downloaded on the play store, and it will also help you to know more about other countries.


The first item is to get your international passport ready. Your passport is your identity and it is very important to get it ready on time. Even if you are not going to travel abroad, still get your international passport intact, in case of any emergency. It is also paramount that you make a photocopy of your passport and keep it at home in a safe place. Also, renew your passport once it has expired.


For those who want to work abroad or study there, in this article, tourism: how to prepare for your journey abroad. it is very crucial to get a visa on time. Also, know that your visa is not your passport. The difference between them is that the international passport is your identity and it is normally given in your country of origin.

While the visa is your permission to enter, and stay or leave a country. It is normally given by the Embassy of the visiting country. A student studying abroad with a scholarship or without will be issued a student visa. But all tourists will be issued a visiting visa, while a working visa will be issued to those that want to work.


If you are going for tourism, especially pilgrimage, you must visit your doctor to do a complete medical check-up, do not wait until you fall sick before you can medically examine yourself. If you have a disease do a medical report and commence treatment immediately, but if not do a medical fitness test. Also, make sure you get vaccinated before traveling abroad and some countries have already made it mandatory before entering their country. Always remember your health is your wealth, if you pay attention to this, you will stay healthy for life.


Tourism is not about going away without looking back, you must find a way to always keep in touch with your family members. This is why you need to know the kind of phone you have, the sim cards, and its functionality. This will prevent you from being stranded in a country as a result of network and lack of communication.

Holding Enough Money

Make sure you find out the currency that is commonly used in the country of your destination, including their exchange rate. There are some countries that allow the use of credit cards. The credit card has a very good exchange rate and it is good to hold your credit card. There are also some countries that allow the use of a debit card and the debit card permits you to perform transactions.

This includes drawing cash from your bank account. The use of local currencies is also allowed in some countries, avoiding taking too much cash to guide against being robbed. Then do not hold beyond recommended Basic Travel Allowance (BTA), to avoid being charged for money laundering.

Get Insured

Insurance is very good and restituted in case of accident or death in your journey. Try and get your things insured such as your life and properties. This will help you to pay for any damages that may arise. And you can be indemnified if you lose any of your properties both at home or abroad.

Buy Tickets In Advance

As a tourist that is going on vacation, you must make research on events that are taking place in that country. This will help you to buy your tickets on time in order to enjoy your vacation. This will give you the opportunity to buy tickets at a good discounted rate. Contrarily you might not see tickets to buy or you can buy them at a very high price.

Plan Your Budget

Before traveling for tourism and abroad it is very important you know the cost of living in that country. This will help you to easily plan your budget and also help you to spend wisely. Carry as much money as possible and also it is advisable to use more credit cards to buy food and other stuff you need because it cost less and is more affordable. If you fail to plan your budget you are planning to fail on your journey.

Custom Laws And Regulations

Tourism is about knowing places which include their laws and customs. Study the laws and regulations of customs on the things you carried abroad. This will guide you against carrying contraband items and drugs that can get you implicated. Most people are ignorant of this and this is why they are implicated for the crime they did not commit.

Carry Food Or Snacks

Do not forget to carry food or snacks to avoid hunger, although most airlines offer food and snacks to their passengers. You will need it so much even when you arrive at your destination. This will help you to have something you can eat for a while until you find a standard restaurant to eat at. 

Taking Your Pet Abroad

It is not mandatory to take your pet abroad. You should know if the embassies would allow you to carry your pet. Because they are some embassies that put strict restrictions on pets. Pet that might be allowed is guard dogs, also make sure that your pet has taken the necessary vaccines and certificates to avoid the spread of diseases and prosecution in case of an accident or attack.

Packing Your Luggage 

This is the most important thing you should consider about tourism and traveling abroad. You only need to carry a few of your clothes which are essential because you will surely buy clothes there. Also, get portable luggage that can contain your essential documents and your clothes. Moderation is essential and remembers that the more luggage you carry, the more charges on cargo or when boarding the plane.


Finally, the three major reasons for tourism and traveling abroad are vacation, study, and work, it can be any of the three reasons. However, some countries are not safe at the moment, and as a result of crisis and war, while some countries are experiencing terrorism and religious crisis. If you must go to those countries despite knowing, you must be highly security conscious. And please do not impose your beliefs on anybody. 

Similarly, in countries like the US where same-sex marriage is allowed. Do not discriminate because of their fundamental human right and you can be jailed for doing so. Please do not impose your religion or preach about your religion to people. Tourism to a country like North Korea preaching about your religion is not allowed. It is banned and attracts death sentences. Any country that has laws that infringe on your fundamental human right should be avoided, because of your personal protection.

Moreover, do some findings on the climatic conditions because some countries are extremely cold. The temperature can be as low as -10°c (10 degrees Celsius) which is below the freezing point. Like Russia or Canada, you need a very thick sweater for such weather. Some countries have extremely hot weather, you need clothes that are light and can repel heat.

So I believe with these few tips you will be able to know the things to do before commencing your journey. Finally, never forget to pray before you go to the country of your destination and protect yourself from dangers. The article, tourism: how to prepare for your journey abroad has said it all.

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