Google is not mainly used for searching for information and sending messages. It is far wider and broad in both usages and applications. I did not know until I start a Google Ads course under google skillshops certification. Google has a lot of branches like Google Analytics, Google Adsense, Google Chrome, Google campaigner, Gmail, Youtube, etc. Let us look into the topic GOOGLE ADSENSE: HAVE A WEBSITE AND MAKE MONEY.

This article will only encourage you on the importance of having your personal website. And how to make money with it through, Google Adsense and other online means of generating funds. Moreover, the article is for only information and explanation. We will not discuss the procedure of building a website or the process of connecting Google Adsense to your website. The two major keywords here are Website and Google Adsense and how they are interrelated and useful. The article, GOOGLE ADSENSE: HAVE A WEBSITE AND MAKE MONEY speaks further on the website


A website is a connected group of web pages, managed by one person or an institution with many related topics identified by one domain name. These are published on the world wide web (www), regarded as a single entity. The website can be owned personally or collectively. Once you secure a domain name and web hoisting whichever way, it becomes your personal property. As long as you continue to pay your annual fees on both domain name and web hosting.

Website Host and Website Builder

There are various hoist companies like Bluehost, Godaddy, Namecheap, Hostinger, etc. Securing a domain name and web hosting is very cheap. Some hoist companies give free domain names, and free hosting, to build your website and launch it on WordPress. These days building a website is very easy because we have a lot of websites companies. These firms have so many platforms or foundations, for building good and beautiful websites. Some of these companies are WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Godaddy, Squarespace, Hostgator, Shopify, Zyro, etc. Also, you can employ the service of a good website builder or website designer.

Importance of Website

Nevertheless, the website is one of the tools for globalization which shrinks the world into our palms. Or brings the entire world together under the umbrella called the global village. Every individual that owns a website has a major reason for having it. Having a website or being online strategically permits you to put your image or content online. It is also used for marketing business online, which gives credibility to you as a person or your business. A website is used to build and convert your image to brand, to sell your products to the world at large. And finally, it is used for the accumulation or collection of information, that is useful for your image and business.

Types of website

Why do you need a website and what type of website do you need? We have five types of websites and your choice of having one depends on your purpose of owning it. These are the shortlisted types of websites that people are commonly used, they are below:

  1. ECommerce websites are the type of websites in which people use the internet to buy and sell goods or services. This type of website includes payment and invoicing for a proper accounting system.
  2. Personal websites are used by individuals who want to have an online presence. And also, promote their personal image or show their personal brand to the world.
  3. Portfolio websites are for professionals who want to showcase their skills or talents to the world. Even to a specific community in order to win more clients and fame. People in this category are designers, artists, engineers, potters, and professional freelancers.
  4. Small business websites are used by small-scale business owners to make their company presence to be felt online. This will make the world have more knowledge about them and their products. It is also used to convert their local visitors into customers, and to make more money and get more popularity.
  5. A blog website is a website that is used to post articles that contain, updated content about multiple topics or stories.


Google AdSense is a popular way of making money from google through advertisements placed on your blog website. This is from being a part-time blogger to some of the largest publishers on the web. AdWords advertisers pay Google either by the Pay-Per-Click (PPC) or impression Cost Per Mille (CPM). These are paid advertisements, where companies pay a price for every 1,000 impressions on adverts received. These imply that an advertiser must pay a certain amount for every 1,000 impressions of its adverts. An impression is a campaign that someone on social media or on any marketing platform visualized. In return, Google shares a percentage of that revenue with the Google AdSense publishers.

Actualization of Monetization

Google AdSense can monetize your website with display ads because this is one of the simplest effective methods of monetization. With millions of advertisers all over the world, your website may be an excellent platform for some business adverts. And the company will pay you handsomely in monetary terms. If you own a website, where you put content for the audience, you are a publisher according to digital market terminology. You can connect your website to Google AdSense. This will allow advertisers who are running a Google Ads Campaign to bid for ad space on your website. Also, the article, GOOGLE ADSENSE: HAVE A WEBSITE AND MAKE MONEY explains about sharing formula.

Sharing Formular And Payment Method

Publishers earn 68% of Google AdSense clicks revenue. The Interpretation is, that for every $10 an advertiser pays, Google pays the publisher $6.8 commission according to the ratio. The rates advertisers pay are varied extensively, but they are usually between $0.10 to $0.30 per view. Users of Google AdSense get their payments via direct deposit or cheque. Although, the platform has a withdrawal threshold of $100 monthly. If you do not generate up to the withdrawal threshold in a month, your receiveable is automatically rolled over. This roll-over shifts to the following month until the $100 threshold is attained. Google will then joins your previous revenues to the current month’s revenues and then pay you in full.

Similarly, each time you cover the $100 threshold, Google pays you on the next payment period. Directly from your Google AdSense account. It is easy to obtain your immediate revenue and also see which ads are generating the most clicks and other useful data. However, when sending payments to your account from a different currency, Google converts it to your local currency. Google does this at the standard exchange rate, before sending payment to your bank account.

In Conclusion

The relationship between the Website and Google Ads is sacrosanct. In the real business world, a website represents an office space, while the contents represent the products you are selling. Google Ads are your endorsements or the advertisements that are running in your office. These generate an extra source of income for you. Finally, having a website is not a thing of luxury anymore. This is why this article, GOOGLE ADSENSE: HAVE A WEBSITE AND MAKE MONEY points out the importance of making money online

Also, it is becoming a thing of necessity and a source of livelihood. Most websites companies are making sure that possessing a functioning website is easy to obtain. Even within the shortest period, you are connected to the world. My support and campaign are for every individual that is an adult and should have either a personal or business website. This is a vow I made to help humanity in my own little way.

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