There are several reasons why it is taboo to experience the danger associated with poverty. In the first place, societal norms and beliefs typically support the view that poverty is mostly the result of individual failure or laziness. This narrative would be called into question if people understood the actual dangers of poverty, forcing them to address fundamental problems like unequal resource distribution and opportunity.

Furthermore, emphasizing the dangers of poverty may elicit emotions of shame or discomfort among more wealthy people because it underlines their possible involvement in perpetuating poverty. Certain personal difficulties need to be addressed and broadened so that everyone understands what we are dealing with daily.

These personal concerns might include a lack of access to essentials such as food, housing, and healthcare, which can have a significant influence on an individual’s well-being and quality of life. Furthermore, recognizing these personal difficulties may help generate empathy and compassion for those facing poverty, inspiring collective action to solve systemic disparities and create a fairer society for all.

What is Poverty?

Poverty is the condition of being severely poor, in which individuals or groups lack the financial resources and means to satisfy their fundamental necessities and enjoy an acceptable standard of living. It is a complicated subject that includes social, economic, and political variables that contribute to its existence.

Understanding poverty allows us to adopt effective strategies and policies to reduce its impact and provide opportunities for people affected to break the cycle of poverty. Poverty is a social and personal menace that affects many people in the world, which is why most people see it as a disease that breeds so many social vices in society.

However, it not only leads to a lack of necessities such as food, shelter, and healthcare but also results in limited access to education and employment opportunities. Addressing poverty requires a comprehensive approach that tackles the root causes and provides support systems to empower individuals and communities to lift themselves out of it.

Poverty is taboo because of the dangers it entails. It carries so many negatives that everyone affected by it feels as if they are being punished and unfortunate. Because of the problems and parasites that accompany poverty, many individuals reject it and even confess a desire to never experience poverty resentment. We are going to analyze some of these resentments below:

If Your Entire Family Is Illiterate

Education is a light and a breakthrough for future opportunities. If no one in your family can read or write, it might be difficult to escape the cycle of poverty and secure access to possibilities for education and upward mobility. This lack of literacy abilities might contribute to the perpetuation of the poverty cycle by restricting individuals’ capacity to find steady jobs and improve their economic status.

Furthermore, the stigma associated with poverty can lead to social isolation and prejudice, making it much more difficult for individuals to escape its clutches. Furthermore, illiteracy might prevent people from properly engaging in civic and political processes because they may fail to grasp vital information or effectively voice their thoughts.

Exclusion from active citizenship can prolong marginalization and deepen societal inequality, which will prolong the effect on individuals suffering from it.

If No One In Three Generations Built A House

If no one in your family has built a single house in three generations, even if it is a mud, hut, or bamboo house, for about three generations, a family’s lack of house development can have serious consequences for their general well-being and quality of life. Individuals may experience persistent insecurity, exposure to harsh weather conditions, and restricted privacy if they do not have proper shelter.

The lack of a permanent home makes it difficult to establish roots, access education and healthcare, and seek economic possibilities, which can perpetuate the cycle of poverty and hamper their capacity to break free from its grasp.

If You Refuse to Make Financial Adjustments

You can find yourself in a difficult financial situation. Failure to adjust your spending patterns or budget properly might result in rising debt, missed bill payments, and a lack of emergency funds. This can lead to increased stress, damaged relationships, and a decline in overall financial well-being.

Poverty is linked to a lack of success and breakthroughs in different parts of life, such as education, professional advancement, and personal development. It might make it difficult to acquire adequate treatment and to participate in possibilities that could improve your financial status.

Furthermore, refusing to make financial changes may prevent you from attaining long-term financial objectives such as homeownership or retirement funds.

It Is Taboo For Most of Your Family To Beg For Money and Food

Lack of money and food is the symbol attached to poverty. If the majority of your family is always asking for money and food, it could pose immense financial strain and pressure on your resources. Constantly caring for others without receiving any support in return might drain your funds and make it difficult to satisfy your necessities.

Furthermore, this pattern may encourage reliance and impede the development of financial independence in both you and your family members. It is critical to create healthy limits and discover strategies to meet these demands in a sustainable manner that encourages mutual support and progress.

Failure In Planning For The Future

Poverty has two outcomes: financial insecurity and uncertainty. Without a solid strategy in place, you may find yourself unprepared for unanticipated expenditures or unable to accomplish long-term financial goals, which is similar to being poor and in need of assistance. It is vital to prioritize saving and investing to build a secure future for yourself and your loved ones.

If you seek professional financial advice, you may be able to establish a strategic plan that supports your goals and gives you a more solid financial future. It is frequently crucial to have a consistent source of income since it may help you get ahead of poverty and financial difficulties.

This can be accomplished by exploring alternative sources of income, such as launching a side business or accepting freelance work. Diversifying your income sources can provide a safety net and help you accumulate wealth over time, lowering your chances of slipping into poverty.


Some methods may be taken to prevent poverty, which is a threat to the lives of the majority of people. However, it is a familial vice rather than an illness that impedes the advancement of any family or society. It is also viewed as something that may cause humiliation and dishonor if not properly regulated. Let us look at some of the possible remedies to poverty.

Is Money Really Important In Poverty?

Indeed, money cannot be ignored. Money is vital for addressing fundamental necessities. It creates a sense of stability and allows people to invest in education and possibilities for advancement. However, it is crucial to remember that money alone is not the only answer to poverty. Creating long-term work possibilities is also critical to ending the cycle of poverty.

In addition, tackling systemic factors such as inequality and a lack of social assistance might help reduce poverty rates. Don’t be shocked, since money is not in that category. We all know that money is what money can purchase. However, there are measures you must complete before you can begin to anticipate money.

You must comprehend the fundamental principles of life. Income is generated via services. Idleness, the parent of poverty, is created by too much sleep and relaxation. To escape poverty, one must be willing to work hard and give useful services to others. To escape the cycle of poverty, it is also necessary to establish financial literacy and learn how to successfully handle and invest money.

Make Use of Your Time To Avoid Regret

Proofs and revisions are the driving forces behind fruitful results. A hasty approach will only generate poor consequences. If you strike the iron while it is still hot, you will be very glad of the result and will be happy that you did it later in life. If you fail to do so, you will live a life full of regrets. It is never too late to make atonement for past errors and turn things around.

Always remember that nothing is permanent, not even the permanent secretary. Any structure, no matter how robust, will ultimately collapse. Making the most of our opportunities in life is critical since neither our lives nor the opportunities they bring are eternal. Personal growth and contentment may be obtained by adopting a flexible mentality and being open to new experiences.

We may make our lives more robust and satisfying by continually adjusting and learning from the mistakes that we make, but it is very disheartening to keep making the same mistake.

Avoid Being An Instrument For The Rich

Surrounding yourself with people who are purely motivated by riches and power might result in a poisonous and unfulfilling life. Instead, make true connections with people who value honesty, decency, and personal development. You will have a more meaningful and successful life path if you associate yourself with others who emphasize these traits.

Greed orchestrates corrupt mindsets, which are maintained by minorities and narrow-minded individuals. It is perilous to be in the presence of those who believe they are gods because they are wealthy. It is also much more dangerous to be in the company of people willing to go to any length to obtain money. Don’t be involved with a desperate group of individuals. It will simply fall short of your life goals.

Work Hard And Believe In Yourself

Some people have lost their dignity as a result of the threat of becoming poor. Some will go to prison, while others will go to the grave. Allow no one to push you beyond your limitations or abilities. You should never expect too much from friends or relatives.

Learn to believe in yourself, develop your abilities and services, and you will be able to meet your demands. You may be certain that performing your obligations consistently will turn you into an experienced genius in your profession.

You can conquer any hurdles that come your way with focus and determination. Remember that success takes time, constant effort, and a strong conviction in yourself. Accept obstacles as growth opportunities, and continue to strive for greatness in all parts of your life.

Beware of Repercussions When Pursuing Money

Money may sometimes cause people to lose their own beliefs and connections. It is critical to strike a balance between financial success and general happiness. Prioritize your mental and emotional wellness since genuine riches are found in finding contentment and enjoyment in all aspects of life, not just financial stuff.

Remember that money cannot purchase genuine happiness; therefore, constantly aim for a comprehensive approach to success. Remember that we were all molded equally and similarly. We were created by identical male and female reproductive systems. We both depend on the same air, water, and earth for our daily activities.

No matter where in the world you are from, we are all subject to the same admiralty jurisdiction. For the atonement of our efforts, both the rich and those who are poor will pay the same price. So, while the going is good, relentlessly humble yourself so that you might succeed before it is too late.


We must acknowledge our common humanity and the interconnectivity of our activities. We shall all be held accountable for our choices, regardless of our disparities in income or social standing. For this reason, it is crucial to approach life with humility and work hard to succeed while we still have the chance.

Let us make the most of them now and endeavor to improve both our own and future generations’ lives. Avoid poverty in its entirety since it has negative effects on not just individuals but on society as a whole.

We can build a more just and wealthy society where everyone has the chance to prosper by aiming for success and avoiding poverty. Let us embrace the ability of our decisions and deeds to create a better future for everyone.

My gratitude goes to Prophet Babatunde Alekuwodo-Salau because this article was inspired and drafted by him.

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