In this article, love and intimacy are for those who are genuinely in love and not for casanovas. I am sure when the real people that need it finish reading it ad understand the true meaning of love and intimacy. And also practice the recommendations, the amendment should be ninety percent to a damaged courtship or marriage. The article, love and intimacy: Kamasutra is the experiment, that will serve as rehab for dying love and relationship. Love is beautiful and bitter, it depends on which angle you handle it or the perspective you grab yours.

Yet all depend on you, the bitterness in it, is invented by you. While the sweetness or the beautifulness of it is also enriched by your good self. This is why you cannot compare a relationship with love. Because the former is never bitter but can only go sour. The article, love and intimacy: Kamasutra is the experiment, if properly read and assimilate, it will revive any dying love.



The parties in the relationship always benefit from each other. While benefits of love are patience, endurance, trust, acceptability, and obedience. The relationship does not need to be bordered by all the aforementioned facts, in fact, they are burdens to it. When a relationship starts to care about these, that means love has started to set in.

At this stage, if both parties are not ready to welcome it. My advice is discontinuation or caution of identification by mutual understanding. This is when both parties call their attention to it and make a decisive decision. The relationship in this article is not one of our keywords. However, our keywords in this article are Love, Intimacy, and Kamasutra which will be analyzed in the subheadings below.


There is no way we can merge these two words, love and intimacy without first separating them and interpreting them one by one. Because they are two separate words that need to be married together for mutual usefulness and natural fulfillment. To interpret both love and intimacy unilaterally will give a deeper understanding of both words. The interpretation will give reasons for merging them together to arouse a deeper feeling of emotional satisfaction and sexual ecstasy.

Definition of Love

Love is defined as a romantic attraction with strong feelings of affection for someone combined with sexual attraction. It is blissful and emotionally balanced when it occurs in its true and pure meaning. Nevertheless, for intimacy to establish, love must have first been precedented either in true form or in pretense, but true love does not disguise. Love is splendor and adoring if it maintains the true and natural definition of its manifestation.

This Love in its true meaning does not doubt or disobey. When intimacy wants to happen, love surrenders all and gives room for blissful consummation and euphoric satisfaction. Furthermore, love has a broader meaning than the affection shown to ourselves either between husband and wife or between two lovers. Love requires enough enthusiastic soul nourishment in order to stand the test of time in case or in time of tribulation.

Also, love needs to grow and mature so that the parties involved will reap more of its benefit. This benefit we are talking about is the beautiful and mature side of love. A lot of immature or inexperienced lovers and couples have thrown away both the beauty. And the glamour of love due to a lack of patience and understanding of the basic rudiment of love. Love is sometimes more of instinct, you may not have the power to control or manage it. That is the good part of its beautifulness and enchantment.

Intimacy of Love

Intimacy has no meaning to me. The only meaning is the period that both parties will have private moments together for consummation and sexual pleasure. Honestly, this is part of the beauty and euphoric moment of love. Intimacy follows love because it serves as a guarantee or passport for the affirmation of love or existing love.

Many people may not understand the meaning of intimacy. Intimacy has to do about knowing a lot about one partner both sexually, romantic, and generally. Lovers need more intimacy in order to solidify their love. I do not believe in marriage before sexual intimacy, instead, I support sexual intimacy before marriage. To me, love is a slave to intimacy, if it has to be consummated after a wedding.

Relationship Between Love And Intimacy

Now, what is the relationship between love and intimacy? The relationship between love and intimacy is the sexual satisfaction and enjoyment between both parties during the period of being together. Love will always allow sexual romance and free lovemaking when both lovers willingly or unwillingly desire the performance. Intimacy could happen anywhere as long as both lovers consented.

Even if it happens in an open field, it would still be regarded as intimacy. Any coupling that is bonded by love and intimacy produces sexual ecstasy. But this may not guarantee the highest climax of contentment in lovemaking or sexual commitment. However, many couples have a series of intimacy over the years or over periods of time but never achieved sexual fulfillment. And not to even talk of reaching the climax of contentment or horizon of fulfillment in intimacy.

How would couples or lovers reach this summit during intimacy? This is where Kamasutra, which I named “the Experiment” sets in. Kamasutra removes the boredom in the bedroom and opens our eyes to how to find and enjoy fulfilling sex by knowing your best sex pattern or alternative. Having a lot of sex-style procedures in your sex archives is known to me as sexual tourism within your own conclave.

The Dynamic Of Kamasutra

Having discussed love and intimacy in detail we shall elaborate discussion on Kamasutra. Kamasutra is widely referred to as the originator of sex positions. According to Wikipedia, Kamasutra is an ancient Indian text on sexuality, eroticism, and emotional fulfillment in life, attributed to Vātsyāyana. The Kamasutra is neither exclusively nor predominantly a sex manual on sex positions. It was written as a guide to the art of living well, the nature of love, and getting a life partner. It is also about maintaining the love life, and other aspects pertaining to pleasure attainment systems in human life. Today, most people are only familiar with its sexual lessons.

However, my major concern is the sexual part of the Kamasutra, which will complement our earlier discussion on love and intimacy. Also, to educate us on the importance and joy in satisfactory results of fulfilling sex through different positions and styles. Kamasutra is the laboratory of experiments where partners can practice these original 64 sex positions. And it will help the partners to spice and regulate the boredom in their intimate life. And the apathy that affects their bedroom enthusiasm.

The modern connotation and many recently published books include some adaptations for LGBT relationships. And by introducing some adaptations to the aforementioned original 64 sex positions. Kamasutra enhances eroticism and without it, the mind becomes restless and unsatisfied. Partners must be comfortable with each other to build an environment for experimentation and practicalization of these sex styles.

The Intimacy Positions

Similarly, instead of stern laws or social rules, the Kamasutra embraces intimacy in the spirit of liveliness and enthusiasm. It stresses that sex should be all about enjoyment and not a reproduction. It emphasizes that the sexual fulfillment of both parties is very crucial. Applying the Kamasutra for your intimate expeditions helps you to connect more deeply to your lover. And appreciate the beauty that is attached to the pleasure you seek.

Assimilating different positions explained in the Kamasutra book expands your style’s record. And elevates your concentration around sexual expression, and finds new ways to connect to your companion. However, any satisfying sex or intimacy that you can enjoy must not be for any reason. Let me explain this further, the kind of intimacy for childbearing’s purpose might not really give you ultimate satisfaction. Even any sex that is for pregnancy’s sake might not really bless you with a child immediately.

Good lovemaking should not always be for reproduction’s reason or purpose. The most satisfying lovemaking should be engaged willingly and submissively without any hindrance to the attainment of sexual satisfaction. Any intimacy that is accompanied by nervousness and trepidation can never arrive at eroticism or a climax of fulfillment. Note sexual happiness and enjoyment will make you exhibit your prowess in styles elaborated in the book of Kamasutra.

Physical And Mental Strength

The combination of the three keywords love, intimacy, and Kamasutra amount to sexual liberty and expression of sexual freedom. Sexual liberty is freedom of intimacy or lovemaking between partners without any hindrance, emotional and psychological barriers. Normal marital consummation does not guarantee sexual liberty, but it is the mere performance of sex obligation to the marriage. Experience shows that if you do not love or have a special affinity with a woman.

You can never experiment with most of the positions recommended in Kamasutra. Some analysts explain further that sexual liberty with a woman gives chance for a longer period of relationship and marriage. However, the applications and exhibitions of Kamasutra positions take time and require a lot of methodologies to display these styles. Happiness and joy play a very vital role in practicing cool and healthy sexual intimacy.

Also, in the exhibition of your sexual prowess, it is not prudent to hide your skill and resilience. Because mental and physical alertness plays a major and key role in this journey of sexual tourism. Regular exercise, physical training, yoga, and diets will give you the required strength and stability to perform most positions in Kamasutra. Even it is not advisable to be too lenient and too aggressive with your partner during your session or intimacy. But for me, aggressiveness is preferable to softness in lovemaking.


However, I will love to list a few positions in this epilogue but privacy policy may not permit it. Like I said earlier one needs some importance and power of Kamasutra. The explanation so far must have been good enough to help us in our journey of true love and sexual excitement. It is however advisable for whoever wants to practice, what we have in this article to find a partner. The kind of partner that he or she can love dearly and sincerely.

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Prince Modupe Kashaam

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